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Know Your PAN

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Know Your PAN

PAN, aka, Permanent Account Number is a unique alphanumeric combination. This is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department to all juristic entities identifiable under the Income Tax Act 1961. The issuance of PAN by the Indian Income Tax Department is done under the supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes and on a general note, resembles the National Identification Number. This is also considered a very important identity proof. The PAN is unique and permanent and is not at all affected by the change of address, even if the change is from one state to another. So you should Know Your PAN.

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The primary motive of a PAN number is to bring about a universal identification and thereby indirectly prevent tax evasion by keeping a track of all monetary transactions. This applies especially to high net worth individuals. Know your pan online is an e-service provided by the Income Tax Department of India. With the help of Know your PAN service one can know one’s PAN online by clicking on the Know Your Pan online link and then providing the details like name and the date of birth in the space provided.


When this is done the submit button can be clicked on the Know your Pan Webpage. The “know your pan online” facility will display your PAN. This service falls under the category, G2C, which is Government to Citizen. This is run by the Ministry of Finance and the service language used for this Know your pan facility is English. Things that should be taken care of in Know your PAN Service is that: one common mistake that often occurs is that surname is given in first name and vice versa.


The date of birth should be filled in date-month-year format. Symbols like backslash, dots etc should be avoided and not used when entering the date of birth. A surname should be entered in the space provided, and if, there is no surname, then that one name should be filled in the space provided for the surname in the Know your Pan web page. Take special care to ensure that the spelling entered is correct and matches with the details in the PAN application submitted. In short, the details that you enter in the Know your PAN Webpage must perfectly match with the PAN database.