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Pan Card Lost ?

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Pan Card Lost

Pan card lost? It is normal to get into fits of depression when you realize that you have your PAN card lost. However there is still hope. Here is what you should do when you have you pan card lost. First of all do not panic. Know that through a simple procedure, it is possible to obtain a duplicate PAN card in place of the pan card lost, from the Income Tax authorities in India.

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If the Pan card has been lost then one has to notify the police and get an FIR from the local police station. Also a request has to be made to get a duplicate PAN card issues in place of the pan card lost. As the first step towards getting the duplicate of pan card lost, first and foremost you have to fill in a change request or correction form. This correction form can either be downloaded from the websites of UTI technology Services LTD or National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), or even the Income Tax Department of India. Another way is to get a hard copy of the same from any of the branches of UTITSL and National Securities Depository Limited. By visiting the websites of UTITSL, National Securities Depository Limited or the Income Tax Department, the nearest centre can easily be located where you can obtain a replacement for the pan card lost.


Many websites also have this lost pan card forms available which can be downloaded for free. These website provide a link for the same and clicking on which the form for pan card lost can be downloaded at no extra cost, however make sure to keep an eye on spam and be sure that is not a face link before proceeding with the download. As the next step, fill out the pan card lost information on the form.

As a third step submit two photographs with the amount as specified to the IT office or the NSDL or the UTITSL centers. The duplicate PAN card would reach you in a matter of 15 days time. Another thing to be noted is that if you are sure that you have not got the PAN card delivered, then, a rectification form is to be filled and attach your letter that contains the PAN card number.