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How to do online banking

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online banking 300x300 How to do online bankingHow to do online banking

A couple of clicks of the mouse your financial life will never be the same! If you want to know how to change your financial life for the good with a duo of clicks on the mouse without getting out of the house, We detail you with How to do online banking,  check this out:

1) How to start Your Online Banking

  • Sign in:For opening your online bank account, the numerical ID should be typed (not the sameas the account number) and password. If you type it incorrect three times in a row, your account will be inaccessible.


  • Snapshot: The initial screen will portray a snapshot of your every account (demat,lobal, etc), loan repayment, credit cards and any other means, such as fixed deposits.

Information: The home page will be having the list of every service you can gain access to, new features and mails, or notifications from your relationship manager.


Denial Of Service attacks On Twitter

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Denial Of Service.

hackers cartoons 299x300 Denial Of Service attacks On Twitter

You might be too new to this, but many of this type of attacks are becoming common and the most common target for this is Twitter. So what actually is this attack? In simple terms we can say that making false service requests just to de stabilize the system. For example we are using the help line to get help and when we do that constantly without any need of a help we create trouble and would block another user who is in really need of the service.


The Search Engine War

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cuil 300x197 The Search Engine War

For many years the whole search engine Market was going on dull without any major changes, when Google stood the number one position closely followed by Yahoo. There was nothing new only dullness was found over the years. Google was indexing more pages than anyone. Things changed with the changes in search with the introduction of new and specialized search engines lately. I have tried most of the new ones like bing, cuil,wolframalpha, Google squared labs .But none other than Google came to my mind when felt that I needed a search.
microsoft bing logo design 300x163 The Search Engine War