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DDA Housing Scheme

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Everyone has a dream to own a house. And what better time to realize this dream than trying your luck when the government announces its housing scheme every year.  Not only the houses offered are good, the rates too are affordable. This year the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) or DDA housing scheme has been announced. At stake for this year are 16,000 flats in the various parts of the city. This year’s DDA housing scheme is touted to be the biggest to have launched in the recent past.

dda housing scheme 2010 300x210 DDA Housing Scheme

Consider this: Out of the 16,000 Janta, LIG, MIG, and HIG flats in the price range of Rs.6 lakh to Rs.1.12 crore, almost 70% is the one room or Janta flats situated in areas like Rohini. Under the DDA housing scheme there are also single and two bedroom flats available in Jasola and Trilokpuri. The 3-bedroom fully furnished flats are situated in areas like Vasant Kunj but this category will attract an extra charge in the range of 12% to 15% of the construction cost towards one time maintenance fee. The registration charge for the DDA housing scheme is Rs. 1.5 lakh along with the relevant documents.

The excitement to own one of these 16,000 flats was pretty evident from the fact that on day one as nearly 76,376 forms priced at Rs.105 each were downloaded from the internet thanks to the long lines at the designated banks as pointed out by a DDA official. Last year only 15,000 forms were downloaded from the internet.

And out of the 2 lakh forms sent to the 5 five designed banks in SBI, Central Bank of India, HDFC, Axis and ICICI, the DDA has claimed that the sale of forms in this year’s version of DDA housing scheme, has crossed 1.5 lakh at the end of the day. This is nearly double the number of forms sold in the DDA housing scheme in the year 2008. Interestingly, there was no sale of forms in the DDA premises this year.

“It is a better idea to download the form online despite the fact that unlike last year this year the rush for buying forms at the banks is less,” said Kailash who had bought the form at one of the banks after waiting for almost 2 hours. It was a common sight with people standing in long queues holding in their hands their bank passbooks as this time the DDA had made it mandatory to attach it to the application to avoid bogus applicants.

According to the DDA, the DDA housing scheme sale will be reviewed in a week’s time as these forms will hold out only for a week.

DDA’s new rules

This year DDA has floated new rules for its housing scheme. To begin with the registration fee should be paid by the applicants from their own bank accounts. And the loan to selected candidates will be allotted on their own names. While more than one form can be purchased from the same family, the allotment will be made to only one member of the family.