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Income Tax India efiling

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Income Tax India efiling

The first step involved in the Income Tax India efiling process is to selection of the appropriate type of return form from the Directorate of Income Tax . Next step in the income tax India efiling is: download the return preparation software for the selected return form. After the same has been downloaded, the third step involved in income tax India e-filing is to fill up the return offline and then generate a XML file. After this has been done, the fourth step of income tax India e-filing is to register and create a user id and password. .in  300x225 Income Tax India efiling


Next process that falls in line in the income tax India efiling is the process of login. You need to log in and then click on the relevant form. This can be found on the left panel. Next, select the “Submit Return”. Now after all this has been done,the next step in the income tax India e-filing is to browse to select the XML file and then click on “Upload” button. After the XML file has been successfully uploaded, the acknowledgement details related to the same will b displayed.


Click on “print” to generate the printout of the acknowledgement/ITR-V form.  In cases where the return is digitally signed, as soon as the ‘acknowledgement” form is generated, the return filing process of the income tax India efiling comes to an end. This acknowledgement form can be printed out and a copy can be saved for your own record. Now, if the online income tax India efiling is not digitally signed, then, after the successful uploading of the e-return, the ITR-V form would be generated which needs to be printed by the tax payers. This is considered an acknowledgement form as well as the verification form. After this has been signed, the form should be mailed to the Income Tax Department.  This can be send either by ordinary post or by speed post only. This printed out form of income tax India efiling should be posted within 120 days of transmitting the data electronically. This is to be noted that ITR-V form sent by registered post or courier will not be accepted.