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Online PAN Application

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Online PAN Application

In the case of online pan application, You can download the form from here. One single character initial is permitted to be used in the middle name field in PAN application for individuals. One important thing to be noted in the case of online pan application is that the proof of identity and the proof of address should match perfectly with the name provided in the online pan application. In the case of New online Pan applications, particularly in the case of individual and HUF applicants, the proof of office address along with the proof of residential address has to be submitted to the NSDL, in cases where the address for communication has been selected as office.

PanCard 300x188 Online PAN Application

According to the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, the entities making use of the e-commerce transactions are required to provide their PIN while executing an online transaction. A New PAN form must be made use of when fresh online pan application is made by the applicant who has never applied for a PAN and has no PAN allotted to him/her. Prior to making an online pan application, the applicant can visit the Income Tax Department (ITD) website to ensure that no PAN has so far been allotted to him.


Reprint of PAN card application form should be used when the PAN is already allotted to the applicant, but when the applicant requires a PAN card. In this case a new PAN card bearing the same PAN as before; is issued to the applicant. Care should be taken to ensure that when this form is being filled, the applicant does not select any of the boxes on the left margin of the form. The address for communication (check box item no.7) will be selected by default as this address will be automatically updated in the records of the Income Tax Department. If the payment for the online pan application has been made through credit or debit card or through net banking, then the transaction status inquiry can be made use of to track the status of the online pan application. To do this, the transaction number has to be mentioned which is displayed on the computer screen at the time of online pan application.