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DDA Housing Scheme

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Everyone has a dream to own a house. And what better time to realize this dream than trying your luck when the government announces its housing scheme every year.  Not only the houses offered are good, the rates too are affordable. This year the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) or DDA housing scheme has been announced. At stake for this year are 16,000 flats in the various parts of the city. This year’s DDA housing scheme is touted to be the biggest to have launched in the recent past.

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Indian Companies take positions on the top 500 list

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Its off course a happy news for Industry watchers as well as Indians. Ten Indian companies have made to the list of the 500 top global companies for 2009, which was scaled in terms of market capitalization. The first place goes for the American energy giant ExxonMobil which is followed by PetroChina an oil major, US retailer Walmart stores follows the third position. Reliance Industries is the only company from India to make it on the top 100 and to get the 75th rank. The market capitalisation of $47.25 billion. Reliance was at the 80th position last year.