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Tips For A Great Shopping

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Become a smart shopper

With increased personal income at disposal and of course things that are easily available, you need to become a smart shopper. The effects of advertising and consumerism have increased to such an extent, that many a times people end up buying things that they don’t even gg photo shopping lg 300x182 Tips For A Great Shopping

How to make sure that you buy the things that you require and spend less doing that. Well there are certain tips that you can really follow.

How not to go overboard with shopping.

Don’t go shopping when you are really low or in a bad mood. You will use shopping as a retail therapy and buy even the things that you don’t need.

Carry a limited amount of cash. This means that you can buy only as much cash as you have. This will also ensure that you effectively stay within the budget.

We won’t say that don’t carry the credit cards while you are shopping. But resist the urge to charge everything to the card. Remember that at the end of the month, you will still have to make the payments. Junk all credit cards but one. This will ensure that you don’t transfer the balance from one card to the other.


How to get the best home loans

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46 How to get the best home loans

We always get the best homes, a home is a dream for every man, and to own a home is a privilege too, There will only be a small portion of people who will buy a home with full cash, mostly the people would have to take on a home loan. Loans are often having too much papers and signatures and we hate them, but when in need we do not have any other option but just to go with the tide.

We can take some steps which would help us with our home loans. First thing that you would need to find is the budget for your home, you can make this idea by taking into consideration about how much money you can afford how much is your income and what is your expense, how much money you now have as savings and how you are going to manage your down payment. This is one of the most crucial step and all your plans are entirely depended on this decision.


Budget 2010 – No Tax Cuts

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 tax cuts1 Budget 2010   No Tax Cuts








The Finance Ministry has warned the industries not to expect any major sops in the coming budget that is to be presented by the new government due to the economic pressure that is present globally. The finance ministry officials also conveyed the govt’s disappointment to the industry for not passing the benefit of the service tax cuts and excise cuts to the consumers. 


History By SENSEX

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Backed by the authority of a stable government the stock market benchmark index kissed upper circuit two times in a single day. 

BSE was locked at 14272.62 with at 2099.21 points. with 17.24% rise. Nifty locked at 4308.05 with 636.40 points @ 17.33%. but the turn over was less than Rs 1000 cr inclusive of Cash and F&O.Sensex had opened 10.73 per cent or 1305.97 points higher at 13479.39 points to 12011.10. National Stock Exchange’s Nifty was locked at 4203.30, higher by 14.48 per cent or 531.65 points. 


The standalone government was the muscle of today’s show with no other interference from the left parties and other regional parties, for the day to day functioning.  BHEL (32.72%), Larsen & Toubro (29.53%), DLF (25.82%), ICICI Bank (25.30%) and HDFC (23.46%) were the top Sensex gainers.833 stocks were positive on the BSE with 11 declines. The new govt is likely to get its first office by Friday and the budget will be out within 45 days, of resuming office.


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