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Where would the Market go?

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da 1c 300x135 Where would the Market go?


The last three months Sensex has had a dream run, this run has made many investors confused and many off them are feared by the way the market is moving, Analyst predictions are not happening and they are also confused by the way the market behaves. The Indian stock market is driven by sentiments (I’m not sure about other world markets).


India Plays 3rd position to jump over the economic crisis

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india 294x300 India Plays 3rd position to jump over the economic crisis








India has been ranked as the third best country that would win over the global economic crisis. A survey that was conducted worldwide among business persons. According to the Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey the result was India in its third position. The survey which was conducted in April 2009 for a period of two weeks. It had its main focus on the current economic situation, the business morale and the impact the economic crisis has on the world of business. 


FII’s Latest Cash Inflows

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mkt fii FIIs Latest Cash Inflows




The Indian Stock Market has witnessed a flow of three-billion dollar mark of Foreign Institutional Investors(FII’s) inflow which makes it over Rs.15725 Cr, out of which two billion came in just five trading sessions. The latest data available with the SEBI shows that FII’s purchase was worth 3.2 billion dollars in 2009 which would make its Rs.15725 cr. On Tuesday alone they had made investment worth of Rs.5044.8 cr(1.06 billion dollars) in the domestic markets.