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Small Investors Cheated By Stock Brokers

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There are many complaints from the side of the investors that many brokers have taken their money to keep the accounts of high asset value clients accounts stable during the market falls. Many of the small investors have been trading pretty well in the bull run that had before January. So small investors where keeping a small margin in their accounts to meet with the future requirement.

Many small investors were in this situation and when they found out that the money was missing with them in their accounts they took complaints to the broker who assured them that they would get back their money and this was postponed to more than 6 months, the small investor who was quite unaware of the measures that would have taken at a situation like this were in a fix. According to the rules of the stock exchange the investor can only go for a complaint to the arbitration committee of the stock exchange in a period of six months from which the incident occurred. The case like this after six months has become “time barred” according to the bye laws. In such a situation like that the only option for the investor would be to file a civil suit which would go long for years.


Top Dividend Paying Companies

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The companies have increased the dividend payout to its investors erasing fears that they would tighten with the dividends. There are a good number of companies who have increased their dividend. Of the total data available for 377 companies nearly 131 have made increase with their dividend for the year March 2009. The list is said to include the companies that have closed their books on Dec 2008 and Sep 2008 or June 2008. This move would put some relief to the investors who have been burned by the fall of the Sensex last year.