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Where would the Market go?

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da 1c 300x135 Where would the Market go?


The last three months Sensex has had a dream run, this run has made many investors confused and many off them are feared by the way the market is moving, Analyst predictions are not happening and they are also confused by the way the market behaves. The Indian stock market is driven by sentiments (I’m not sure about other world markets).


FII’s Latest Cash Inflows

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mkt fii FIIs Latest Cash Inflows




The Indian Stock Market has witnessed a flow of three-billion dollar mark of Foreign Institutional Investors(FII’s) inflow which makes it over Rs.15725 Cr, out of which two billion came in just five trading sessions. The latest data available with the SEBI shows that FII’s purchase was worth 3.2 billion dollars in 2009 which would make its Rs.15725 cr. On Tuesday alone they had made investment worth of Rs.5044.8 cr(1.06 billion dollars) in the domestic markets.  


Tips in selecting the best Mid-Cap Stocks

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In a bullish type of market normally investors would ply their safe bet with the mid cap stocks as they would give them with the best returns. The bear market situation too the mid caps would be a cushion for the investors. The on going rally with the markets have proved that now too. Keeping this in mind people can have their investment by keeping in mind some simple points. Before selecting the stock an investor should be examining with the growth rate of the company, either from engineering or operational expertise or financial. Investors should look into the financial growth and see that if the income is from any other sources other than the prime face business the company is having. The suggestion given by the expert is that CAGR of 30-40% growth through operational growth for the last five years makes a mid cap a strong case to be bought. 

An investor is taking an additional risk by taking a midcap rather than going with a large cap stock, so in return the risk should be able to be compensated with the help of good returns for the investor. The motto would be to get picked with the right mid cap stock with a % gain and not with a target price for the stock. Exiting your positions at the % you keep in mind would be the best option in this kind of markets. An average return of 50% atleast should be kept as a normal margin in a one year time span. The investor should also examine the future growth of the company for a time span of atleast 3-4 years atleast.