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Tax Saving Tools

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Do you think tax is a burden? Most of the tax payers believe so. If you are a wealthier man, you have to submit a huge amount as tax for the government. To down your tax payment it is necessary to establish a well tax planning criteria which limits the tax pay. For good tax saving, knowledge about the available deductions and exemptions granted by the income tax act is an essential element. So try to gain all the details about those allowed deductions to feel a fare tax system.

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Tax deductions allowed by the IT act will help you to reduce the tax incurred on you. Allowances, educational expenses, home & vehicle repair expenses, medical expenses, Insurance premiums, telephone re imbursement, home loan payments etc are eligible deductions one can possess. The tax exemptions are also come under the tax saving options. So also concentrate on the exemptions you have. Some mode of investments also eligible for deductions. Some of the are investments on stock, bond, real estate, post office schemes, fixed deposit schemes of certain financial institutions, fixed income security schemes like provident fund scheme etc are also come under deduction category.


Investment options for senior citizens

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Have you listen the new ideas about the major investment options for senior citizens? The search for higher returns is now becoming a fairly common one. Life expenses are rising significantly and life styles are improving day by day. There for senior citizens have to face so many troubles related to their savings. Thus to live in better mode after retirement, it is necessary to choose the best investment option.

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Choosing the right investment option is absolutely a tough task. Retirement specifies the beginning of a new phase in an individual’s life. It is a transition from a lifetime of work to a time when one can relax, spend time with the family and pursue other interests. Without a regular income, they have to spend their earnings before retirement for all his needs.

So, they need to find suitable investment plans to overcome these risks. Now many financial products offers high return packages. They provide a regular flow of income. Some of the important investment options are listed below.


Tips for buying ULIPs

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The ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) have caught the attention of the investors, and the marketing of the products are very much aggressive. The combination of insurance and investment benefits make it more attractive. One of the benefits of the ULIPs are structured products which leave many choices to the policy holder. They would be the best investment option if the person has proper understanding about the financial markets and are in the look of a long term savings and insurance combined solution.