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How to do online banking

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online banking 300x300 How to do online bankingHow to do online banking

A couple of clicks of the mouse your financial life will never be the same! If you want to know how to change your financial life for the good with a duo of clicks on the mouse without getting out of the house, We detail you with How to do online banking,  check this out:

1) How to start Your Online Banking

  • Sign in:For opening your online bank account, the numerical ID should be typed (not the sameas the account number) and password. If you type it incorrect three times in a row, your account will be inaccessible.


  • Snapshot: The initial screen will portray a snapshot of your every account (demat,lobal, etc), loan repayment, credit cards and any other means, such as fixed deposits.

Information: The home page will be having the list of every service you can gain access to, new features and mails, or notifications from your relationship manager.


Top Investment Myths

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Busting some investment myths

Experience teaches us a lot of things. And the world of investment is no exception. That said it is equally important to realize that having lost money in investment once should not be a reason to not see the opportunities that lies ahead. This holds true particularly for those people who had lost money in investments before. Let us see some of the popular investment myths which should be avoided at any cost!

bp515249 240x300 Top Investment Myths

1. Never do it alone

Today the markets are not as simple as they appear. They are complex in nature. Right from finding out your investment purpose, your risk appetite, the asset classes which would suit it, and predicting the market conditions at least to some extent requires a certain degree of expertise. Hence as an investor you need an expert’s advice to make the right investment decisions. While it does help to have knowledge about investments it can never substitute an expert’s advice.


What is ASBA?

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SEBI introduced a new payment option ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) as an additional payment mechanism for the benefits of certain investors applied in IPO (Initial Public Offers). This option would be available to retail investors only. It is also an exclusively available payment option for the investors applying in right issue of shares, which means the additional shares offered to existing share holders of a listed company based on preference. According to the investors who experienced this new trend application, it is definitely a 100% success from SEBI’s new application. With this payment option the application money remains in the investors account until the shares are released. So no money is goes out from the investors account.


Huge Discounts With Real Estate Prices ? How Much True are They?

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RealEstate 300x199 Huge Discounts With Real Estate Prices ? How Much True are They?

You might have well heard all over with the rescission troubles and matters, once they ruled the economic pages headlines. In connection with that there were many other news and one of the major one was that the clash in the property prices. The saying was that there was a reduction of at least about 25-30% of the peak price they had before the rescission. But what is the actual truth in this? Have the prices really come lower. If then the sale would have been boosted. You can write your opinion about it. Lets see.


Lost Credit Card – What Next?

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cardlock092608 300x194 Lost Credit Card   What Next?

Most people prefer to carry a number of credit cards rather than carrying a wad of money in their wallets. It also makes sense, moreover they can also do as much shopping or at least till the credit card limit allows them to do. However if you have lost a card, then it can become quite a troublesome situation. Especially till the time that you report the card and it gets blocked. Between the time that has elapsed of your discovery of the lost card and the card lost reporting, somebody else may just have used your card.


Investing In An IPO

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symbolipo logo53 300x222 Investing In An IPO

As you all are aware that IPO was withdrawn by the companies followed by the negative sentiments that were seen in the markets. Many companies have dropped their plans to proceed with the IPO’s. But the positive sentiment that is seen with the good numbers coming out from companies and the revival of the markets to some extend has brought some of the IPO back into action. If you are unsure what is an ipo


How to Manage Your Wealth

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How To Manage Your Wealth

investmentManagement 300x200 How to Manage Your Wealth

There are many products in the market that a normal person can invest in and as with any other things there are advantages and disadvantages with each and every product. Each product do need a different method of strategy. Lets see where we can get some money.

Lets first take the hottest product for us any guesses ? Yes our favorite Equities, One of the instruments that can make you rich in a very short time frame, some times a bit much longer. The growth of the equity does show the growth of the country but making a choice would be difficult because it is a very sharp tool that would work in the negative sphere too very easily which may turn your investment to half. The current market is attractive for some period of time, I does not mean that this number in where the Nifty is but the period as a whole may be for another 8-10 years. But as time passes there should be more options to re route our funds for good returns.


Income Excluded From Tax

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hd save tax Income Excluded From Tax

There are some types of Income that the tax department has given as not to pay taxes, if the income comes from these sources, we can have a small walk through these, as normally people loves saving tax and its high time that we know about the income excluded from tax.

Agriculture activity income is not treated as an income this can be more explained with the help of an example if your father gives you money from his agricultural income as a gift then you do not have to treat it as taxable income, but father should be a person who files his return.