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The Hidden Truth About Swine Flu H1N1

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Its an unedited exact copy of the email received, The hidden truth about Swine Flu in India.

swine 300x225 The Hidden Truth About Swine Flu H1N1

1) Swine flue is the disease originated in Mexico Latin America where
large amount of pork is consumed.The disease is also present in USA
, Canada etc. where pork is consumed. You are quite aware that pork
is not at all popular in Pune.

2) Till date only 136 people are dead all over the world due to Swine
flue within last one and half year.

3) The swine flue virus thrives in the atmosphere below temp. of 27
degree Celsius and please note that the temp. is 33 degree Celsius in
Pune .

4)The most of the people died in Pune recently were having various
other ailments and the real cause of the death is not swine flue.