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New Rules In Income Tax (TDS)

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CBDT brings in new changes in TDS rules

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has revised the Income Tax Rules, 1962 by bringing in new changes to the provisions regarding Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) that are filed on or after April 1, 2010.

Tax Deducted @ Source2 300x300 New Rules In Income Tax (TDS)

New rules for TDS deposits

Every month the employers deduct tax on the salaries and other payments distributed to the employees. According to the new rules, the employers should deposit the tax deduction for a month within 7 days from the end of that month. However, the tax deducted for the month of March, which is the end of the financial year, can be deposited on or before April 30 of the year.

For annual TDS certificate

The new CBDT rules also make it mandatory for the employers to issue the Form 16 or the annual TDS certificate to their salaried employees by May 31 soon after the end of the financial year. Previously the deadline was April 30.


Google to start selling ebooks ? Google VS Amazon

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google books vs amazon kindle 300x115 Google to start selling ebooks ? Google VS Amazon




Google is entering into the area of Amazon with selling books, Google is planning to start its distributing and selling e-books on behalf of its publishing partners. There were many voices raised against Google search which was formerly known as Google Print and now by the name of Google Book. This services was introduced in 2004 and was lead to criticism from various quarters about copyright violations. There is a standing lawsuit which is being reviewed by the courts and US department of Justice.