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SIP or VIP When Investing In Mutual Funds

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mutalpaper1 300x275 SIP or VIP When Investing In Mutual Funds

During the scenarios when the stock market behaves extremely volatile, people may find it difficult to invest especially when they aren’t sure about how the market may swing. Add to that factor, the recession makes it very unattractive for a regular investment to park their funds.

Where would the Market go?

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da 1c 300x135 Where would the Market go?


The last three months Sensex has had a dream run, this run has made many investors confused and many off them are feared by the way the market is moving, Analyst predictions are not happening and they are also confused by the way the market behaves. The Indian stock market is driven by sentiments (I’m not sure about other world markets).


US Dollar – Is it falling? Future of the US Dollar

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US Dollar has been known as the world’s reserve currency. The widely acceptance of the Dollar has made it more spread out with many governments, banks, foreign investors .They have helped to achieve dollar as the world’s dominant currency. In adding to the strength was the economic strength showed by the American economy.As with the case of any tools in the financial sector we would know that there will be boom and weakness, Dollar is the highly required currency for International business. The period by which the dollar now faces would be that of decline. This would not mean to create a panic with it, the dollar would provide more trading opportunities for smart investors. 


Rupee gains the most in 11 years…

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The Indian Rupee surged over an astonishing 3% in more than a decade with the new UPA govt and the hopes that more reforms, foreign inflows will cater to the rise of the rupee in the near future. The rupee made its close at 47.88/90 per dollar. from the high of 47.77 which is one of its highest since Dec 26,2008. The rupee is up 1.7% from the end of 2008 and is up 9% from the record low of 52.2 in early March. 

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Equity or Gold which is the best?

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how do you buy gold 781694 300x199 Equity or Gold which is the best? The yellow metal has got its sheen from the early 2001 period, investors began to see it as an investment option and the returns it produced was really awesome. Across the world the scene was great for Gold and the India market has seen the price of gold shoot up from Rs 1180/- per gram to Rs 1470/- in an years time, while the International price did not have that much of growth as India had. Gold got its sheen when the Rupee lost its sheen against the dollar. For Indians gold was always with them as a necessity and carried it for generations and its one of the most valuable item for any occasion. The reason behind the vast acceptance of gold was the liquidity it has got than any other asset and there was no better alternative at olden times.