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Tips in buying Gold and What is Gold ETF

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Planning to buy gold, then there are a few things that you should have your eyes focused on. First is the knowledge of the prices and the making charge which differ from city to city and also with the design to design. If you have noticed the advertisements then you can see that they would say that its BIS certified, hallmarked jewellery. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which is a national body that assures the quality of the product you buy. You will be interested to know the what is meant by this “Hallmarked Jewellery” Hallmarking is the accurate determination and the official recording of the proportionate content of gold in the jewellery. Hallmark marks the guarantee of the gold’s purity. 

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How to get Tax Refunds tips

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taxrefunds large How to get Tax Refunds tipsTax time is surely tension time and most hateful time of the year for many people. Tax time is a tedious time and people often hate to fill up the questions which are too much for it. If you are working then its most likely that your company would cut down an excessive share of money from you in the name of tax, if that is the case then you need to have move on for tax refund. Its said easily but getting a Tax refund can blow your brains out particularly if you do not have the idea of whom to be contacted and how to move for it, if you are in a place where there is no ECS – electronic clearance system available then you are fixed. 

If you are planning to get your tax refunds then some points are there to be taken care off. First its important to know what is causing the delay with your refund, if you have quoted a wrong PAN number or bank account or have wrongly filed in the ward/ circle, the chances are high for a delay. If you have a Tax refund of more than Rs.5 lakhs then a delay is there which cites additional approvals. There would also be delay if you have pending litigation or any other types of issues with them. 


What is Value Averaging ? Tips and Tricks

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Value Averaging is an investing strategy which involves steady monthly contributions but there would be difference in the amount of each monthly contribution. The investor sets a target of growth rate or a fixed amount on his assets or portfolio each month, and adjust it with the next months contribution taking into consideration of the gain or loss that has been made on the original asset base. The aim of value averaging would be the accusation of more shares or assets when prices falls and fewer shares when there is a rise in prices. Value averaging can produce higher returns, and also helps in the growth of the investors asset but the ability to fund shortfalls can become hard at times. 

Getting hold of the top and the bottom of the market is quite impossible, Value Averaging can easily be compared with rupee cost averaging or like the systematic investment plans of mutual funds, where a fixed sum is invested at regular intervals. The investor here is expected to do more with Value averaging like adjusting the amount of money to be invested with the movement with the market to achieve the value of the fund. Investors should be clever enough to find more money when the market falls. when the equity markets are volatile they can go with safe instruments, its the same money that is used when a time comes that is the point to be noted. 


Tips in selecting the best Mid-Cap Stocks

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In a bullish type of market normally investors would ply their safe bet with the mid cap stocks as they would give them with the best returns. The bear market situation too the mid caps would be a cushion for the investors. The on going rally with the markets have proved that now too. Keeping this in mind people can have their investment by keeping in mind some simple points. Before selecting the stock an investor should be examining with the growth rate of the company, either from engineering or operational expertise or financial. Investors should look into the financial growth and see that if the income is from any other sources other than the prime face business the company is having. The suggestion given by the expert is that CAGR of 30-40% growth through operational growth for the last five years makes a mid cap a strong case to be bought. 

An investor is taking an additional risk by taking a midcap rather than going with a large cap stock, so in return the risk should be able to be compensated with the help of good returns for the investor. The motto would be to get picked with the right mid cap stock with a % gain and not with a target price for the stock. Exiting your positions at the % you keep in mind would be the best option in this kind of markets. An average return of 50% atleast should be kept as a normal margin in a one year time span. The investor should also examine the future growth of the company for a time span of atleast 3-4 years atleast.