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What is Delisting Of Shares

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Exits are never easy, whether it’s an exit from a house where you have lived your lifetime or exiting an investment. Many of us would have faced such a state of mind when we know that the company where we had held shares for the last fifteen years would be soon delisted from the stock exchange. So what is Delisting? Delisting of a company means, a procedure in which a company’s shares are removed from the stock exchange. Delisting of shares has become a critical issue in the financial sector that causes uneasiness for the investors.

In such types of situations we would be totally confused, whether to hold shares and wait for the company to relist or encash them by selling the shares to the promoters. Over the past three years, a minimum of 50 companies have delisted from the stock exchange, due to this reason the retail investors get struck with their investments. Normally one of the main reasons for delisting is violation from the financial specifications set out by the stock exchange.