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Lost Credit Card – What Next?

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cardlock092608 300x194 Lost Credit Card   What Next?

Most people prefer to carry a number of credit cards rather than carrying a wad of money in their wallets. It also makes sense, moreover they can also do as much shopping or at least till the credit card limit allows them to do. However if you have lost a card, then it can become quite a troublesome situation. Especially till the time that you report the card and it gets blocked. Between the time that has elapsed of your discovery of the lost card and the card lost reporting, somebody else may just have used your card.


Tips For A Great Shopping

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Become a smart shopper

With increased personal income at disposal and of course things that are easily available, you need to become a smart shopper. The effects of advertising and consumerism have increased to such an extent, that many a times people end up buying things that they don’t even gg photo shopping lg 300x182 Tips For A Great Shopping

How to make sure that you buy the things that you require and spend less doing that. Well there are certain tips that you can really follow.

How not to go overboard with shopping.

Don’t go shopping when you are really low or in a bad mood. You will use shopping as a retail therapy and buy even the things that you don’t need.

Carry a limited amount of cash. This means that you can buy only as much cash as you have. This will also ensure that you effectively stay within the budget.

We won’t say that don’t carry the credit cards while you are shopping. But resist the urge to charge everything to the card. Remember that at the end of the month, you will still have to make the payments. Junk all credit cards but one. This will ensure that you don’t transfer the balance from one card to the other.