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What is Stock Arbitrage ?

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photocms1 What is Stock Arbitrage ?







Usually an Arbitrage refers to a strategy to take advantage of the difference in price of a product in different markets. An arbitrageur earns money by buying asset at a lower price from a low price market and sells it off at a higher price with an high priced market. This type of situation only applies to goods whose prices shows different prices with different markets. Arbitrageurs use different products which are ranked with a difference in their trading prices.  Some of the ways of executing arbitrages are merger arbitrage, convertible bond arbitrage and reverse arbitrage.


Huge Discounts With Real Estate Prices ? How Much True are They?

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RealEstate 300x199 Huge Discounts With Real Estate Prices ? How Much True are They?

You might have well heard all over with the rescission troubles and matters, once they ruled the economic pages headlines. In connection with that there were many other news and one of the major one was that the clash in the property prices. The saying was that there was a reduction of at least about 25-30% of the peak price they had before the rescission. But what is the actual truth in this? Have the prices really come lower. If then the sale would have been boosted. You can write your opinion about it. Lets see.


How To Trade with Interest Rate Futures

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indian rupees new 300x197 How To Trade with Interest Rate Futures

Knowing the future and taking advantage from it, is a dream come true for every one. Those that possess the skills are able to reap the benefits from it. On Dalal Street, investors and speculators alike will forecast the market movement of the index and commodities by trading in the derivatives. The NSE launched trading in Interest Rate Futures (IRF) recently on 31st Aug after a gap of 6 years.


SIP or VIP When Investing In Mutual Funds

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mutalpaper1 300x275 SIP or VIP When Investing In Mutual Funds

During the scenarios when the stock market behaves extremely volatile, people may find it difficult to invest especially when they aren’t sure about how the market may swing. Add to that factor, the recession makes it very unattractive for a regular investment to park their funds.

SEBI Changes Margin Money Norms. What is VaR

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stockbroker SEBI Changes Margin Money Norms. What is VaR

SEBI has brought in new norms which would reduce the burden of margin on brokers at the time of high volatility in markets. SEBI has introduced the new norms on July 27 for comprehensive risk management system in the equity markets in cash segment.


Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

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future investment value 2 278x300 Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)





Its a variety of diversified equity fund. You can make your investment tax deductible under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.  The ELSS fund has a locking period of three years, its equipped with all other normal abilities of a equity fund. The investor also has the option to choose between growth and dividend options, and systematic investment plans (SIP). The dividends earned in this scheme ELSS are tax free. The returns at the maturity period is also tax free. The limit under Section 80C is for 1 lakh. The present situation is bad with ELSS too, since the stock market were beaten down negatively following the economic crisis. 

The returns with the ELSS before the fall of the markets was greater than any other tax saving option. ELSS is the best option for investors who are looking with a time frame of 3-5 years. The short term weakness in the market will glide down and will earn the investor with better returns in the long run. The performance and the ability of the stocks in the long run can never be beaten with any other financial instruments. The ELSS beats mostly all the equity based mutual fund schemes. It has a mandatory lock in period of three years. The minimum investment that can be made on ELSS is Rs.500 and multiples of it. The fund should be allotted to the investors to those who have applied with the prescribed form before March 31 every year. The plan would be open for a minimum period of three months. From the date of allotment the fund should be hold for three years. On the completion of the three years the investor gets the option to tender the units for repurchase. 


Will the rally continue ?

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The Rally to continue….?

The UPA has done it again the poll verdicts is expected to give a boost with the UPA government and is expected by the stock market to take the results to the positive levels. The economic policies adopted by the UPA is expected to continue and markets take that as a positive signal. The expected growth is at 6% and the foreign funds will continue its course of investment as in the same flow or will invite more funds will come in. The energy seen by the markets lately is mainly due to the incoming funds,The Dalal Street heave a sigh of relief on expectations of a stable Govt. Left is totally out from the picture and they would never be a stumbling block against growth. 

The left has lost its picture and went down from 63 to 24 seats. The double standards adopted by the left parties in Kerala and West Bengal with the Central Government in all cases, has put left into more trouble. There is a good number of traders who is happy with the fact that Left can no longer be a trouble maker with the national policy formations. 

Keeping in mind that the global scene is not very good even as off today there would be more trouble expected, Will the markets keep their run ? As an investor what is your views ?

History By SENSEX

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Backed by the authority of a stable government the stock market benchmark index kissed upper circuit two times in a single day. 

BSE was locked at 14272.62 with at 2099.21 points. with 17.24% rise. Nifty locked at 4308.05 with 636.40 points @ 17.33%. but the turn over was less than Rs 1000 cr inclusive of Cash and F&O.Sensex had opened 10.73 per cent or 1305.97 points higher at 13479.39 points to 12011.10. National Stock Exchange’s Nifty was locked at 4203.30, higher by 14.48 per cent or 531.65 points. 


The standalone government was the muscle of today’s show with no other interference from the left parties and other regional parties, for the day to day functioning.  BHEL (32.72%), Larsen & Toubro (29.53%), DLF (25.82%), ICICI Bank (25.30%) and HDFC (23.46%) were the top Sensex gainers.833 stocks were positive on the BSE with 11 declines. The new govt is likely to get its first office by Friday and the budget will be out within 45 days, of resuming office.


Have your say about this wonderful day? Did you book your profits? Waiting ?