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How to Manage Your Wealth

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How To Manage Your Wealth

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There are many products in the market that a normal person can invest in and as with any other things there are advantages and disadvantages with each and every product. Each product do need a different method of strategy. Lets see where we can get some money.

Lets first take the hottest product for us any guesses ? Yes our favorite Equities, One of the instruments that can make you rich in a very short time frame, some times a bit much longer. The growth of the equity does show the growth of the country but making a choice would be difficult because it is a very sharp tool that would work in the negative sphere too very easily which may turn your investment to half. The current market is attractive for some period of time, I does not mean that this number in where the Nifty is but the period as a whole may be for another 8-10 years. But as time passes there should be more options to re route our funds for good returns.


What is a QIP?

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What is QIP?

QIP means Qualified institutional placement which can be termed as a capital raising tool by a listed company who can issue equity shares, securities other than warrants, partly and fully convertible debentures which can be converted into equity shares to a Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB). This can be seen as a method that companies use to raise money quickly other than preferential allotment. This method does not involve many procedures to work out to bring it to life with the market regulator.

How to file your Taxes

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We are often battling with the income tax forms and we often take special care in making things accurate, still one error can cause you loss of money and can question your hardwork that you have spend working out for them. With the changes that comes to the form one thing is pretty sure that the columns are only increasing yearly. Some of them needs to be changed over time and its a happy note to write that there are changes with your income tax norms too.

Long Term investments

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Getting a decision about your investment cycle is a tough decision making process. The challenge would be higher when going in for long term investment planning. There are a number of factors that are to be considered while planning for a long term investment, like inflation, risk, liquidity, and sustainability. The decision making would become worse if you have a time frame less than ten years. Thinking about your retirement plan at the early stages of life is the best decision you can make, rather than getting to work your retirement plan when you are nearing your age of retirement. 


Reliance Capital IPO

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Reliance Capital is planning to make the first ever IPO (initial public offer) by an insurance company in India. Reliance Capital IPO is planning to take its subsidiary Reliance Life Insurance public. The company plans to divest 26% in its insurance arm through an IPO. Relaince capital Ipo is looking to divest 10-26%. This would be done through a strategic investor or by the selling of its shares to the public.  The funds will be injected to Reliance capital and its life insurance business. The process is expected to complete in the next three to four months time frame. 


Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

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Its a variety of diversified equity fund. You can make your investment tax deductible under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.  The ELSS fund has a locking period of three years, its equipped with all other normal abilities of a equity fund. The investor also has the option to choose between growth and dividend options, and systematic investment plans (SIP). The dividends earned in this scheme ELSS are tax free. The returns at the maturity period is also tax free. The limit under Section 80C is for 1 lakh. The present situation is bad with ELSS too, since the stock market were beaten down negatively following the economic crisis. 

The returns with the ELSS before the fall of the markets was greater than any other tax saving option. ELSS is the best option for investors who are looking with a time frame of 3-5 years. The short term weakness in the market will glide down and will earn the investor with better returns in the long run. The performance and the ability of the stocks in the long run can never be beaten with any other financial instruments. The ELSS beats mostly all the equity based mutual fund schemes. It has a mandatory lock in period of three years. The minimum investment that can be made on ELSS is Rs.500 and multiples of it. The fund should be allotted to the investors to those who have applied with the prescribed form before March 31 every year. The plan would be open for a minimum period of three months. From the date of allotment the fund should be hold for three years. On the completion of the three years the investor gets the option to tender the units for repurchase.