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What is N1H1 or Swine Flu, Symptoms Treatments

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h1n1 flu symptoms 300x288 What is N1H1 or Swine Flu, Symptoms Treatments

Its all over here and I feel that I should get some tips to it, the subject has nothing to do with my sites niche but as a citizen and a blogger I feel that its my duty to pen down some points about the N1H1.

Swine Flu or the N1H1 virus (swine influenza) is a disease found in pigs, its a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by one of many Influenza A viruses. Most common swine flu is of the H1N1 influenza subtype. There are other types, such as H1N2, H3N1, and H3N2. The virus that has infected humans is of N1H1 and its not as much dangerous as the other types mentioned.

I’m pointing to some of the steps that you can take if you have a doubt in having any symptoms of Swine Flu. The main symptoms are the usual things that we get in our daily life fever, sore throat, cough, running nose, cold we normally take all these stuffs lightly and would not bother too much and we get to make well with a calpol or an action 500 but as now the N1H1 virus is around it would be better to have a visit to your family doctor. If he says a doubt then you can proceed to the nearest hospital or a government testing center. If you came back after a travel be sure that you take steps quick to get to the doctor.

If you get the result with a positive result don’t loose confidence you can get a mask which would help as not to spread the virus to other people at home or your area. While I write this private hospitals are not authorised to test patients for N1H1 virus. The doctor would mainly test you for pneumonia, fever, chest infection, if he makes a point that you need to be tested he would then collect your nasal and throat samples and you would be asked for a home stay for a period of seven days. If you look too serious then you would be admitted right away. The swine flu testing normally goes for about 24-48 hours. If found positive then they would check for H1 and Swine A virus. You will be given tablet for 5 days and in one day you would need to take two tablets. The persons who have been interacting with you would be called for and checked. The problem with the virus is that before you know that you are infected it gets transferred to the other person, this makes it a lot more dangerous.

If you have a mild infection you can stay at home or get yourself admitted to the hospital, make sure that you are isolated if you prefer to stay at home make sure that you and the person who is with you for help has worn the three layer mask and be in a room only. Stay away from guest children, pregnant woman, people who have heart attack  and other high risk people.If you get a note about distress with your respiration or your nails are turning blue report back to hospital. Normally after seven days you would be declared fit and discharged with no symptoms.
 What is N1H1 or Swine Flu, Symptoms Treatments